Sep 27, 2010

Pick It Or Flick It

Supposed to be Pick It OR AND Flick It!

Sep 26, 2010

Challenge #4 - Broke And Scratched

In this challenge, your opponent broke and scatched, run these...

No, you can't just shoot the combo...I'd probably give myself 20% chance of making the combo.  And 40% chance of running these out.  Will try the combo and the run 10 times each to see how close my estimates are!

Drop a comment with your estimated run/combo percentages!

Sep 24, 2010

Challenge #3 Solution

Here is my solution...please drop a comment or send your suggestions to

Let's all get a little better!

Analyzing the table, there really are no immediate issues...

Less decision making, only 1 ball to shoot and 1 ball to get shape for.

Gonna have to try this one for real, always seems easier in a sketch!

Send your attempts to

Sep 20, 2010

Challenge #3: 9 Ball Runout

It is hill-hill in a tournament and your opponent broke this rack of 9 ball, and they didn't make these out on them

Play aggressively, no safeties
Drop a comment, don't be shy
Submit a video of your run to

Remember, the goal is to make everyone (including myself) a little better...

Sep 19, 2010

El Arroyo Downtown Sign

El Arroyo Downtown ("The Ditch")‎

From Google Maps...

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Sep 17, 2010

Challenge #2 Solution

Your opponent broke and didn't make anything...

Now you need to run these...

Here is my take, I think you should start with the 1 here... :)

You need to get back into shape, and I think the 2 in the side is the best play here...

It looks like you can drop the 3 ball without hitting the 4, so I'd probably stroke it.  You could also just nudge the 4 to the end rail to play shape for the same pocket...but the angle (or lack thereof) on the 4 could create problems to get shape on the 5.

The 5 is going to be a little tricky, one option is to get downtable of the 5 and shoot it in either open corner or side.

Now the table is getting clear and the shots/pockets are becoming more obvious...

You would definitely prefer to not get straight in on the 6 ball...but that will make this rack more challenging.  And is one way to easily mess up an easy out!

The straight 6 ball forced a slightly more difficult 7 ball (or you could have gotten more fancy with the 6 ball shot)

I do like the side pockets, and may as well make the final two balls in the sides...easy natural shape.

Drop me a comment with your suggestions or criticisms...

 I'm planning to keep adding new 9 ball situations each week, if you'd like something to be discussed specifically drop a comment or email me at

Sep 13, 2010

Challenge #1 Video

This was originally posted this 9 ball run for a contest on AZbilliards Forum...

Sep 12, 2010

Challenge #2: 9 Ball Runout

You're opponent broke...nearly scratched, but left you to deal with this mess!

Run these...

Play aggressively, no safeties
Drop a comment, don't be shy
Submit a video of your run to

Remember, the goal is to make everyone (including myself) a little better...

Sep 10, 2010

Challenge #1 Solution

Check here to see the original 9 ball runout challenge...

Your opponent broke dry and it is your turn at the these!

I have added cue english images to each shot to help understand my these shots, speed can be determined by cueball travel.

Getting shape on the 3 ball can be a little tricky with the 7 ball potentially getting in the way.

You don't want to go too far here getting shape on the 4, error on the side of being short and taking a longer 4 ball shot.

I can already see that the 8 ball really has a preferred pocket, and I need to start thinking about that now.

I need to get a good angle on the 7 ball to get on the 8 ball.

This shape on the 7 ball provides for natural 8 ball shape...

I thought I'd play bank last pocket here at the last minute! :)

A little short for the 8 ball, but it will be a nice natural speed shot for 9 ball shape....

My wife hates it when I pull a shot like this off.. ;)

I really didn't get any comments on the original runout challenge, hopefully there will be more interest in upcoming weekly challenges!

Sep 5, 2010

Challenge #1: 9 Ball Runout is following suit to 8 Ball Run, with weekly runout challenges. These are for 9 ball instead of 8 ball obviously...

Things to keep in mind:

Play aggressively, no safeties
Drop a comment, don't be shy...rate the difficulty of this runout from 1-10 or 0%-100% likely
Submit a video of your run to

Sep 3, 2010

Switch Photography

A little family tradition...

No...these aren't photoshopped!

But, sometimes I wish they were...

It wouldn't be so strange then...

Don't ask...

Sep 1, 2010

9 Ball Runout - Wheelchair Edition

This guy is pretty good, has to be tough without the birds-eye view of the table. I'm sure you'd get used to it