Nov 3, 2011

Comic: Joys Of College

The joys of going to college!

I've got 3 to send to college in 15 years...

Apr 15, 2011

Solution #27

I actually had this situation last weekend in a weekly rated 9 ball tournament. I shot the combo on the 9 ball and play a 2 way safety...made the combo. Probably only about 2 in 10 chance in making the combination and playing safety.

This is the way I would "go for the runout" if I had to go for it.

Another safety here...any other ideas?

Apr 12, 2011

Challenge #27

You broke 9 ball and made the 5 ball.

The 1 ball shot is kind of tricky, what would you do here?

Mar 5, 2011

Talk About Looking Dumb...

Not really sure what this dude was going for here...